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Ladder Restraints

A ladder lashing system removes the need for a second person to “foot” the ladder and provides a stable working environment for painting, decorating, window cleaning and other maintenance requirements.

Ladder Ties are used to secure portable ladders to prevent slipping and should be used wherever a ladder is the means of access to a point above the first floor level.

BS8213 recommends that when ladders are used they should have a level and firm footing and the ladder should be restrained by the attachment of ropes or straps to an anchorage in the wall.

It should be secured at the base of either side of the ladder position to a series of rings fixed at a distance of between 3 and 5 metres apart. They should be at a height of no more than 2 metres above ground level. It further recommends that if possible the top of the ladder should also be secured during use.

Ladder ties are manufactured from 10mm diameter Grade 316 stainless steel and can be used by fixing to brick, stone and concrete with polyester resin or similar adhesive.

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