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Deadweight Anchors

Quick and easy to assemble, Mobile Deadweight Anchors are designed for use where installation of collective protection or permanent anchor devices is not viable. A basic system weighs only 250kg, with no single item weighing more than 25kg, making this a very practical and convenient option.

Mobile Deadweight Anchor devices are for use on roofs of up to 5 degrees pitch, where the absence of guardrails or permanent anchor devices would otherwise preclude safe means of access.

WEIGHTANKA is the first Class 'E' anchor device to be approved for use on all roof surfaces when wet and also for use downhill on metal clad roofs (subject to the addition of two extra weights). It utilises a central pedestal which raises the height at which the arrest force is applied, thus reducing the distance the anchor device moves during a fall arrest event.

Tested independently at N.E.L (National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride), the WEIGHTANKA:

  • Conforms to Class E EN 795, Bs 7883 and ISO 14567
  • CE approved to PPE Directive
  • Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Does not penetrate the roof surface
  • Base weights fully encased in rubber moulding with 10 year guarantee
  • Raised central pedestal reduces the distance of travel during a fall arrest event

Designed as an accessory to WEIGHTANKA, ACCESSANKA provides a portable anchor device for rope access workers, allowing them to work safely in accordance with BS7985, the 'Code of Practice for the use of rope access methods for industrial purposes'.

When correctly installed, the system is incredibly stable and will not move across the roof surface, either in normal use or when arresting the fall of both a worker and a rescuer up to a 200kg limit. It has also been designed for easy transportation and installation with no part over 25kg or 2 metres.

WIREANKA is a system of deadweight anchor devices designed to support Class C horizontal and flexible safety lines to EN 795. It is intended for use on flat roofs, in temporary situations, or where it is preferable that penetration of the roof surface be avoided. It is also the first deadweight anchor to have been tested and approved for fall arrest use with Class 'C' systems to EN 795. Although no more than one user may be attached to the system at any one time, special configurations (at extra cost) can allow for additional users. Indeed, for restraint use, up to three users may be attached at any one time.

To be classified as restraint, the position of the WIREANKA and the length of the lanyard must ensure it is not possible to approach within 500mm of a roof edge or other opening.

WEIGHTANKA, ACCESSANKA and WIREANKA are trademarks of Kee Safety Limited.

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