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General Health & Safety signage and warning notices for guidance purposes

Alongside our main services we are also able to supply and install all your general, hazard warning, mandatory, prohibition, emergency and bespoke (identification/expiry date systems) signage to meet the above regulations along with all your site requirements.

Safety Signage


Regulation 23(Markings)

Every employer shall ensure that work equipment is marked in a clearly visible manner with any markings appropriate for reasons of Health and Safety.

Regulation 24 (Warnings)


(1) every employer shall ensure that work equipment incorporates any warnings or warning devices that are appropriate for reasons of Health and Safety.


(2) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1), warnings given by warning devices on work equipment shall not be appropriate unless they are unambiguous, easily perceived and easily understood.

Clause 306 - You should consider any other marking that might be appropriate for your own purposes, for example numbering machines to aid identification particularly if the controls or isolators for the machines are not directly attached.


Regulation 7 - Every employer shall ensure that;

(a) Subject to paragraph (b), machinery and accessories for lifting loads are clearly marked to indicate their safe working load,

(b) Where the safe working load of machinery for lifting loads depends on its configuration:

       (i) The machinery is clearly marked to indicate its safe working load for each configuration; or

       (ii) Information that clearly indicates it’s the safe working load for each configuration is kept with the machinery.

(c) Accessories for lifting are also marked in such a way that it is possible to identify the characteristics necessary for their safe use;

(d) Lifting equipment which is designed for lifting persons is appropriately and clearly marked to this effect.

Whether it’s an eyebolt, handrail, ladder, mobile anchor, harness system, cradle equipment or even hazardous works areas we can provide signage to indicate whether it is safe for use, has been repaired or is waiting repair, we also provide PPE and general Safety signage that are relevant to the area in which people need to work.

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