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Safety Harness Eyebolts

Our safety harness eyebolts can be installed both internally and externally and drilled and fitted to a variety of load bearing building fabrics.

Safety Harness EyeboltAll our eyebolts are correctly fitted to ensure compliance with current regulations from the British Standards.

They can be provided in a number of different finishes, designed to suit the location and environment. These include galvanised steel, stainless steel and plastic colour coatings.

We also supply and maintain the alternative to standard eyebolts, the ‘Keyanka Eyebolt.’ This works differently to the normal eyebolt as it incorporates a fixed socket permanently fitted to the building fabric. It also features a stainless steel eyebolt that can be removed when not in use.

As a requirement of the current British Standard 7883, all of our eyebolts must be regularly inspected and tested and all our highly experienced staff are equipped with calibrated testing equipment to undertake an annual certification.

Some of the rules and regulations include:

  • All devices should be installed into load-bearing structural members
  • The position of the device should be such that the lanyard can be attached before the user moves into a position where he is at risk of a fall
  • Consideration should be given to possible deterioration of Anchor devices, possibly by atmospheric conditions
  • Each and every anchor should be annually removed, examined and re-fitted
  • Each and every anchor should be annually tested to 6 KN, and sustained for a minimum of 15 seconds using equipment such as the hydraulic portable tension tester
  • Each and every anchor should have PPE identification rings fitted stating the eyebolt ID and the next test due date
  • A test certificate is to be supplied after satisfactory completion of the test. As an enhancement, we supply Location Sheets, which state exactly where all anchor devices are sited, whether passed or failed

For more information about the types of eyebolts we install, maintain and test, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or alternatively, you can complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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