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Ladder Restraints

One of the main industries we cater for here at Introland is the window cleaning sector and nothing is more important than the safety of the operatives.

Ladder RestraintInstallation

As part of our portfolio of services, install and maintain ladder restraint systems. Statistically over 50% of accidents involving ladders occur due to poor means of securing and when the work takes 30 minutes or less.

Permanently fixed to the building fabric, our ladder ties are designed to be virtually unnoticeable when not in use.

Required when ladder access over 6 metres is required, our ties ensure that the ladder is firmly routed to the ground, This gives the operative the peace of mind to carry out his work. It also allows other operatives to work on other projects without having to hold on to the ladder for support.



Restraint Anchor

Workplace Regulations

All our ladder ties adhere to the Workplace Regulations 1992 that state that ‘Where a ladder over 6 metres long will be needed, suitable points for tying or fixing the ladder should be provided.’


Of course, the ladder ties and restraints also need to be maintained and it is imperative that every time the system is used a visual inspection of the straps must be carried out.

This is to check for general wear and abrasion and the surrounding structures should also be inspected for general deterioration as well.

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If you would like any more information about the ladder restraint systems we provide and maintain, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or if you have a specific enquiry, you are welcome to fill out our enquiry form.

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